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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

  • The project “Improved Chemical Management in Albania, Cooperation Chemical Office and Implementation of Project Regarding Chemical Albanian Laws” regarding the technical support for the implementation of the Albanian law on chemicals management, in support of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Chemicals Sector in the National Agency of the Environment
  • Participation in the ITP320 / 5 2021 program funded by SIDA, with the support of KEMI Sida’s International Training Program ITP320 / 5 2021 “Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management”

-Participation in the first week of the ITP program which took place online 22-26 November 2021.

-The second phase will take place online again in the period 21 March-8 April 2022.

1-In the framework of the project “Improving the management of chemicals in Albania” specialists in the chemical sector have been present at the inter-institutional meeting on “Training on chemical legislation for inspectors” on 1-3 December 2021 with the participation of specialists of the Swedish Chemicals Agency, KEMI, AIDS.

In these meetings the focus is on providing Swedish expertise in meeting the implementation requirements of law no. 27/2016 “On chemicals management”, with objectives:

  • Overview of chemical legislation in Albania and links with EU legislation
  • Classification, labeling sheets and security data (Law No. 27/2016)
  • Legal acts and regulations How to implement the rules including practical examples
  • Classification, labeling sheets and security data (Law No. 27/2016
  • Restrictions and requests for authorization (Law no. 27/2016)

2-In the framework of the training on “Development of TTX exercise for the strategy of non-proliferation of ADM” specialists of the Chemicals Sector were present at the inter-institutional meeting which took place at the premises of the Ministry of Defense on November 8-12, 2021 .

The purpose of C-WMD ALBANIA 2021, a stimulated desk training (TTX) was to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of the Albanian National Strategy for CWMD and its components. TTX assumes that a variety of proliferation-related activities are taking place, most of which involve opponents using Albania as a so-called “transit” country. strategy risk.

3-In the framework of the review of DCM no.933 25.11.2020 ”.date 22.11.2021 a working group was set up where it was represented by the specialists of the Office of Chemicals set up near the structure of KTA

The purpose of the meeting was to review the main articles of DCM no. 933 dated 25.11.2020, in order to resolve current issues. The procedure to be determined for the authorization of biocides should be similar to the procedure for registration of Plant Protection Products (Plant Protection Products).

It was discussed that the main documents that will be included and required in the application should be:

  • Product technical data
  • MSDS
  • label
  • EU registration document for products registered in the Balkan countries to set criteria

stronger to be completed by applicants.

Inter-institutional cooperation and participation in meetings related to chemicals management.

1– “Management of chemicals and pharmaceutical waste in Albania” dated 21.04.2020

2– “Free movement of goods“, – date 18.05.2021

3- “Customs”, dated 18.05.2021, where the Chemicals Sector is committed to 1 Regulation of Chemicals, Regulation 649/2012, regarding the import and export of hazardous chemicals

4-Regional Action Plan CBRN_11 draft Priorities! 30.08.2021

5– Meeting with Swedish experts KEMI regarding the operation of the Helpdesk as well as the information obtained during the discussions regarding the register of chemicals.

6- “Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response” 28 April 2021

7-How to submit a CLH dossier 26 May 2021

8-17th edition of RECETOX Summer School. with a special focus on Health, Social and Environmental, Epidemiology, June 21-25, 2021.

8-Sharing expertise and information towards harmonization of monitoring of contaminants in the marine environment, July 1st, 2021 Harmonia Network.

9-ECHA International Activities. Introduction to CLP 2-4 November 2021